Separation and Relationship Property


Relationship Property Agreements 

If you are in a defacto relationship or contemplating moving in with your partner, you may wish to consider entering into a Relationship Property Agreement which defines each party's rights to property brought into the relationship or gain during the relationship.  If you would like to know whether your relationship is a defacto relationship under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976, or would like to talk to us about protecting your assets then please contact us to find out more. We can assist you in preparing a Relationship Property Agreement or in forming a family trust.


We can assist you in resolving issues that arise following separation. Our team of experienced lawyers can provide you with expert advice on your rights and obligations and provide solutions for you. Where you are not able to come to an agreement with your spouse, our team are experienced in taking your case to court if required.


Related Issues

You may also have children of your relationship and require assistance in negotiating day to day care and contact, access and other major decisions regarding the upbringing of the child or children. Contact Dawsons if you have any questions concerning relationship property or child care arrangements.