Our Online Services

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At Dawsons we offer our clients access to legal services in a new modern way through our Online Services. Here, clients can purchase from a range of online legal solutions. Whether you are looking to create your own Will or Relationship Property Agreement, our Online Services enable you create the legal documents you require, at a time and place convenient for you.

The process is simple, time and cost effective. Our Online Services follow an interview-based format where our clients are prompted from start to finish to answer a series of straightforward questions which are then used to produce the desired document. The document is then either available for download, or depending on the type of document, sent to a Solicitor at Dawsons for review.  

Below are just some of the legal documents available to purchase through our Online Services: 

  • Will 

  • Enduring Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care & Welfare 

  • Relationship Property Agreement 

  • Separation Agreement 

  • Memorandum of Wishes 

  • Debt of Acknowledgment 

Click here to browse even more of the online legal solutions we have available, or give us a call on 09 272 0002 if you have any queries or require any assistance using our Online Services.